Learning doesn’t have to end just because the school week does. Exploring the world and acquiring new skills as a family can be tons of fun. Portland has lined up an abundance of activities and events that will give your clan a chance to gain knowledge and grow. Sound intriguing? Read on to find out more.


photo: Martin Cron via Flickr

SW Portland

Spanish Story & Play Time
Join Portland Early Learning Project for a lively and interactive Spanish Story & Playtime! Get ready to shake maracas and ask for más burbujas (bubbles)! Books, songs, and lots of movement make this event fun and engaging for the whole family! Fri. Event Details.

Try Knot Tying with Hog Wild Toys
Our friends from local toy company Hog Wild are testing some new toys and need your help! Come practice your knot tying skills, share your thoughts, win prizes, and learn how to make a sturdy friendship knot. Fri. Event Details.

Check Out the Pop-Up Adventure Playground
Portland Children’s Museum is proud to host a Pop-Up Adventure Playground, a celebration of child-directed play, stocked with different materials (such as cardboard boxes, tape, and string) in our Outdoor Adventure Exhibit. A temporary version of the classic adventure playground model, this create-your-own-adventure play space gently introduces themes of risk and freedom by welcoming people of all ages and abilities to play and create together. Sat. Event Details.

Oregon City

Learn About Black Pioneers in Oregon
This presentation tells stories of the little-known Black Pioneers who lived across the state from as early as 1788. Some were brought to Oregon as slaves and some free men and women. In spite of harsh Black Exclusion laws they lived and thrived in Oregon as explorers, cowboys, entrepreneurs, loggers, railway and shipyard workers, and community members. Historian Gwen Carr will use her storytelling skills to educate your little historians. She works with Oregon Black Pioneers – a state wide organization with the mission of doing historical research and honoring the lives of African Americans who have contributed to the historical development of Oregon. Sat. Event Details.


Attend Mystery Mineral Day
Mystery Mineral Day is taking place at the museum. A panel of experts will be ready and waiting for you to bring your unknown rocks, minerals, fossils, gems, and potential meteorites for identification! Have you always wondered what to call that cool crystal you picked up on a hike that one day? Did you inherit a collection, but it’s missing some labels? Do you think you may have found a fossil bone or a rock from outer space? The experts are volunteering at this event just for you, so don’t be shy. Come on by! Sat. Event Details.

Don’t Miss Science Fair Project Day
A day to explore and experiment, and to come up with a winning project for your next science fair! There will be books, demonstrations, samples of other kids’ projects, and a scientist to help you come up with an idea you’re excited about. The experts will go over the scientific method with you so you can leave the store ready to charge ahead with your own science fair project. And there’s more…if you bring back your science project to iSpark Toys after your science fair, La Provence will award fabulous prizes! Sat. Event Details.

SE Portland

Enjoy a Guided Honey Tasting
We all know honey is delicious golden sticky sweetness made by bees, however, most don’t know there is more than one kind. Different honey varietals are produced from nectar of specific flowers, each with their own flavors, and healing properties. Did you know that honey flavors can be categorized on a vast range from fruity, to cheesy, to vegetal? Allow Bee Thinking to guide you through the whole honey process from how and why bees make honey, how varietals are produced, and to put your own taste buds to the test with a honey tasting. Sat. Event Details.

Watch the Reluctant Dragon by Dragon Theater
Get your puppet theater on with this show. A dragon must show the village that he is really, really just gentle, and nice. Add a knight who is trying to prove his knighthood and a shepherd boy who joins them together in friendship. They stage a fake fight to heroically “tame” the dragon. Using teamwork they accomplish unity. Show is approximately 35 minutes long. Fun for all ages. Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

Go on a Music Quest
Music Quest enjoys taking kids of all ages on musical quests filled with singing, laughter, movement and smiles. Everyone can make music! Your family will enjoy songs, dancing, and some yummy food too. Pirates, Cluster Flies, and a Riggabamboo! Fri. Event Details.


Journey Theater Arts Group Presents Shrek the Musical Jr
Beauty is in the eye of the ogre in Shrek The Musical Jr., based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film and fantastic Broadway musical. It’s a “big bright beautiful world” as everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek, leads a cast of fairytale misfits on an adventure to rescue a princess and find true acceptance. Part romance and part twisted fairy tale, Shrek Jr. is an irreverently fun show with a powerful message for the whole family. Fri., Sat., & Sun. Event Details.

What is your favorite learning activity to do with your family? Share in the comments section below?

—Annette Benedetti