One of the many most wonderful things about the Portland area is that even in the depth of winter it shines with beautiful, colorful, artsy and active events and activities for the entire family to enjoy. Head to the museum or wander around the stunning Lan Su Chinese gardens with your kids. The following weekend family events are sure to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy. Read on to find out more.

Photo: Jon Fisher via flickr

NW Portland

Join Mighty Mamas: A New Moms Group
This is a coaching discussion group for women of all ages and while centered on mamas, all women are welcome and encouraged to attend. This group will be facilitated by a Certified Professional Life Coach and mother of two, Rachel Hall. Fri. Event Details.

Check Out the Chinese New Year at Lan Su Chinese Gardens
Celebrate the Chinese New Year at Portland’s premiere Chinese garden! This January the garden will be showcasing authentic Chinese games like mahjong and chinese checkers. Traditionally, a family who owned a garden like Lan Su would play many games for recreation and entertainment. The gardens are beautiful even in winter, and the cozy teahouse makes a perfect place to  warm up with treats and hot drinks. The small size means it’s perfectly manageable for an afternoon out. Come by to learn the rules to Wei Chi (Go), and maybe find your own family’s new favorite game! Fri. Sat. & Sun. Event Details.


Experience the JASO 2018 New Year Celebration “Shinnenkai”
Rose City Classic is fun for the whole family. Plan to come early and stay all day. Breed judging and agility start at 8 a.m. and depending on the size of the entry and the particular event, the shows can run until 6 p.m. or later. If you are interested in purebred dogs this is the show to attend! It is one of the biggest dog shows in America and attracts top dogs from virtually all breeds and varieties. Fri., Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

Check Out LAIKA Sundays
Experience an immersive and family-friendly day of all things LAIKA Studios. Each Sunday will spotlight one of the four major LAIKA films, with opportunities to meet some of the incredible artists who make the magic happen. Get creative in an animation workshop at the Northwest Film Center, and end your visit by settling in to watch your favorite LAIKA films on the big screen, presented by Northwest Film Center. Sun. Event Details.


Ladies Fight Night!
You walk alone at night, or go running by yourself with an ever watchful eye and ear.
You limit yourself, where you go, what you do, how you look and what activities you participate in
You find your stomach tightening when you think about your maturing daughter’s safety
Or maybe you feel like a superhero already, but want to throw your shoulders back to stand even taller, take up the space you deserve, speak out more often, or set boundaries that are more unwavering than ever before. For all these reasons and more, if you are ready to shake it up, we’ve got a solution!

Ladies’ Fight Night and #MeToo For Survivors, are especially for you if you are ready to feel comfortable walking down the street, running or traveling alone. Be confident as you speak your mind at work, school and home. Have an unshakable “No” anytime and anyplace with the knowledge that you can back it up with the power to hit and hit hard. Fri. Event Details.

Attend Power Up! Kids Self-defense Class
As a parent, one of your primary jobs is to keep your child safe, but our children grow up! A child’s work is to explore the world and spend increasingly more time away from home. You want to be sure they have the tools they need to stay safe, even when they are not by your side. Oh, parenting! It is not for wimps!
Your child leaves class with a new confidence, a strong posture, a loud, forceful voice and a realistic yet positive sense of their place in the world. Sparkling eyes and eager nods of understanding show you the lessons they are learning hit the mark. Sat. Event Details.

SW Portland

Catch the Family Photo Drop in
Families have the best intentions in November and December to get a family photo and send out greeting cards for the holidays. That said, there are some years where time screams by and before you know it, it’s too late to hire a photographer and get a holiday card sent out to friends and family. Luckily there’s a free event for families who don’t have the means and/or time. You can  come drop in and have a family photo taken! It’s the perfect way to start the New Year! On January 19th, Devine Chiropractic is hosting a free, professional photo drop in, any and all welcome. Fri. Event Details.

Restore Riverplace January
Join Friends of RiverPlace and the International school in their efforts to clean and beautify the downtown area from south Naito to the River. This is  the future Field of Dreams! Activities include: Invasive Plant Removal, Litter Cleanup, Native Planting, Maintenance & Monitoring. Sat. Event Details.

SE Portland

Create an Indoor Terrarium
Create a mini garden to enjoy and care for indoors. These beautiful little gardens will be created with an assortment of houseplants and/or succulents. You will add the finishing touches with some surprise accents…come to class to discover more. Sat. Event Details.


Catch Billy Goats Gruff
Metropolitan Performing Arts (MPA) in collaboration with The Vancouver Community Library invites the community to watch a free 25-minute play.You may have heard of the three goats Gruff and their fateful crossing of the Gabby G. Clampett river, but that is only one side of the story. In the aftermath of his brutal assault Zedur Shatterbones, bridge troll, takes the Gruff kids to court hoping that the no-nonsense Judge Jackie can settle the case once and for all. Town of Gruff: Trial of the Century is a one-act play written by William Johnson (MPA teacher) and features all local beginning actors part of the MPA Broadway Jr Program. All performances are free and open to the public. Recommended for ages 3 and over. Sat. Event Details.

Have you seen the Laika exhibit at Portland Art Museum? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Annette Benedetti


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