January has been a wild ride with sun and blue skies, rain and wind. But, Portlanders never let the fun stop. We’ve rounded up both virtual events and PNW-winter-charged activities that are perfect for filling with weekend family calendar. Read on to find out out our top picks!

photo: Til Jentzsch via unsplashed

Science of Slime

Explore the Science of Slime! The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and Nickelodeon are joining forces to bring you a kid-friendly exploration of goo, with virtual tours, videos and experiments to do at home. Discover how different species use slime to survive, from squid ink to snail trails to bubble-blowing insects. You will never see nature’s sliminess the same way again! Event Details.

Go Skiing at the Meadows

Meadows has introduced the sports of skiing and snowboarding to more Oregonians than any other ski resort. With a separate “fun zone” supported by on-the-snow conveyors, beginners learn technique and how to have fun fast. Meadows has the only enclosed on the snow conveyor “The Ballroom Carpet” in the Northwest! Affordable Learn to Ski and Snowboard Packages are available, and the PSIA-certified Adult Snow Sports and Children’s Learning Centers offer private and group lessons daily. Event Details.

3D Tour of the Factor’s House

Join us in the Fort Nisqually Factor’s House for a virtual walk through and holiday visit. View the house in 3-D and learn details about historical objects and museum collections. Walk room to room while listening to music from Fort Nisqually’s talented volunteer musicians. Event Details.

Pete the Cat

In this musical adventure based on the book series by Eric Litwin, the minute Pete the Cat meets the Biddles he gets the whole family rocking, all except for Jimmy. For this organized second grader, the end of the school year has a lot of tests and the last thing he needs is some new cat in his life turning everything upside down. But when Jimmy draws a blank in art class it turns out Pete is the perfect pal to help. Together, they conquer second grade art and both learn a little something new about inspiration and friendship. Edit Details.

Try one of these snowy winter adventures!

Winter doesn’t last forever. Get the kids out and active with one of our favorite snowy adventures. Check them out here.

Road Trip!

Get outta town with the kiddos. You know you need a change of scenery…and we know exactly where you need to take your family. Find out here.

Get Cozy at a Cabin

What better way to capture the magic of a PNW winter than by booking a stay at a cozy cabin. Not sure where the best ones are? No worries, we’ve got them rounded up for you here.

Move, Sing, Drum & Play With Brookline Music

Sign up now for Move, Sing, Drum & Play: a 4-week online workshop that combines a mini-experience of two BMS favorites: Move, Sing, Drum! and Music Moves for Piano classes. The Move, Sing, Drum! portion features singing, moving, listening, and music making with percussive instruments to make or find in our homes. The Music Moves for Piano portion incorporates movement, singing, and listening as well as beginning to explore and play the piano. Pairing these two different classes will give students a taste of each, and allow them to become curious and enjoy music in unique. Event Details.

—Annette Benedetti