We are well into the new year! And while there are still restrictions that keep us from gathering in large groups there’s plenty to do to keep the whole family entertained through the colder season. From online art lessons and classes to outdoor snowy play, we’ve rounded up some great ideas for your weekend family fun. Read on to find out more.

photo: Michal Janek via Unsplashed

CCT’s Leo Lionni’s Frederick

Frederick is Chicago Children’s Theatre’s first venture into releasing online content for families via their YouTube channel, CCTv. The award-winning picture book by Leo Lionni comes to life as a clever and colorful virtual puppet show. It’s the simple tale of a family of field mice who work together through summer and autumn to prep for the long, cold winter. Although the work is difficult, all the mice but Frederick realize if they pull their weight, they’ll be ready. The other mice think he is lazy and daydreaming his days away. But when winter arrives, it’s Frederick who has a special surprise that helps them survive until spring dawns again. Event Details.

CCTv Virtual Theatre and Learning

Chicago Children’s Theatre created CCTv, a YouTube channel that helps them stay connected to their audience and community. The Virtual Theatre is a learning platform full of professionally produced virtual theatre, arts activities and original material created by CCT students taking part in classes and camps. Event Details.

Minecraft Coding Intro Class

Join this online small-group computer class designed by Google and Stanford experts for grades 5-9! In this class, they introduce students to the platform for coding on Minecraft. It is easy to use and very powerful. They will also start building their very first mod and have it run inside Minecraft! Event Details.

Japanese Winter Fun Book Activities

The Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington is expanding its cultural programming with the debut of the Japanese Winter Fun Book, a new booklet of Japanese cultural activities kids can enjoy this winter. In the booklet, readers can learn games, crafts, recipes and how to bring in the New Year, Japanese style. You can order a hard copy for $5 or download the PDF version for free. Event Details.

Journey Around My Bedroom

Xavi, a little girl with a big imagination, is stranded alone in her bedroom. When a mysterious visitor drops by looking to fix his magical flying machine, they explore the hidden depths of her room, turning isolation into an epic indoor voyage. This interactive experience combines techniques of the Victorian toy theatre with contemporary puppetry and original songs. The show invites viewers to turn their cameras on to participate in select scenes; after the performance, kids can meet the puppeteers, ask questions, and explore behind the scenes. A printable puppet template to make and color at home will be available for download. Event Details.

Make a Bird House From Milk Cartons

Have fun making a bird house with your kids. All you need is a milk or juice carton and a handful of tools and materials. In just a few easy steps, your kids have created a one of a kind bird house! Parental supervision will depend on your child’s age. Event Details.

Virtual Family Art Project

Learn the art of paper sculpture just with assorted paper scraps and scissors during this virtual family art workshop! Event Details.

Get Out and Go Tubing

Need some fresh air? Pack the kids up and get out for a day of tubing! Here are our favorite spots.

—Annette Benedetti