Father’s Day weekend is here. And while many traditional events are canceled, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with dear old dad. We’ve put a list of ideas and activities that will help you celebrate the special father in your life. Read on to find out more.

photo: Nappy via pexels

Virtual Meditation Gathering

Join Charity Kahn on Zoom for an hour of mindfulness practice in virtual community. Session includes mindful movement, guided meditation, a short talk on a mindfulness-related topic, time for sharing/discussion. You’ll leave feeling more grounded, calm, clear and connected! Fri. Event Details.

Family Jam-a-Long

Grab any instruments you have at home (Homemade maracas count! Just add dry rice or beans to a container.) and join us for an afternoon virtual jam session! Ages 0-5, virtual class. Fri. Event Details.

Feathers of Fire–The Movie

Video version of “Feathers of Fire,” the most elaborate shadow theater experience ever created, which was presented by BAM and other venues worldwide from 2016-2018. The plot is an action-packed tale of two star-crossed lovers of old Persia, based on a story from Shahnameh (the Persian Book of Kings). Zaul, an outcast albino boy, is brought up by a bird-goddess and grows up into a wise ruler. He enters into a forbidden love with Rudabeh, a princess who is the granddaughter of the dreaded Serpent King. Their young, impetuous romance survives many precarious adventures before they finally receive blessings for their union. When they ultimately have a child, it is Rostam, “the Hercules of Iran.” Aspects of the story are reminiscent of “Romeo and Juliet,” “Rapunzel,” “The Firebird” and “Jungle Book.” Sat. Event Details.

Daddy & Me Yoga on ZOOM

This fun and playful class is an opportunity for kids to share the yoga fun with their Dads! We’ll do partner poses, partner acrobatics and flying partner yoga, too! We’ll play some of our favorite yoga games and wind down with relaxation time, where Dads will get back massage! Sat. Event Details.

Father’s Day Bogus BBQ

Celebrate Fathers Day with a delicious “BBQ”! Families will have a blast as they “grill” yummy treats! Children prepare “burger” cookies and fruit kebabs as they celebrate Dad! This class focuses on age-appropriate themes and educational concepts in a fun and flavorful fashion for children ages 2 and up, while sharing tips to engage family members of all ages. *Advanced registration required. Ingredient list will be sent in advance. Sat. Event Details.

Father’s Day Golf Tourney at Edgefield

Bring dear ol’ dad out to play the Pub Course at Edgefield. This two-person alternate shot tourney pairs well with a pint or three. Sign up well in advance – this always sells out! Check-in is at 9am, with a shotgun start at 10am. Golfers of all skill levels and ages are welcome to sign up for our friendly,two person, combined score 20-hole tournament on Edgefield’s par-3 Pub Course. Grab a beer (or a soda) and head to the Distillery Bar (i.e., the clubhouse) to begin your day on the fairways. The tourney will have KP (closest to the pin) contests – prizes include McMenamins t-shirts, gift cards and more. Prizes are awarded after the tourney at the Distillery Bar – you need not be present to win. Sun. Event Details.

Celebrate Dad Portland Style

Check out our top picks for how to make every kind of portland Pop feel extra special on Father’s Day here.

Great Gifts for Dad

Make sure you get dad a great gift from a local shop. We’ve got some fantastic recommendations here.

–Annette Benedetti