Portland has just entered Phase 1 opening, but gatherings are still slow to return. That doesn’t mean you can send June on it’s way with a load of good times. We’ve rounded up some great virtual events and ideas for family fun as you await the safe reopening of our fair city. Read on to find out more.

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon via pexels

Feathers of Fire–The Movie

Video version of “Feathers of Fire,” the most elaborate shadow theater experience ever created, which was presented by BAM and other venues worldwide from 2016-2018. The plot is an action-packed tale of two star-crossed lovers of old Persia, based on a story from Shahnameh (the Persian Book of Kings). Zaul, an outcast albino boy, is brought up by a bird-goddess and grows up into a wise ruler. He enters into a forbidden love with Rudabeh, a princess who is the granddaughter of the dreaded Serpent King. Their young, impetuous romance survives many precarious adventures before they finally receive blessings for their union. When they ultimately have a child, it is Rostam, “the Hercules of Iran.” Aspects of the story are reminiscent of “Romeo and Juliet,” “Rapunzel,” “The Firebird” and “Jungle Book.”. Fri., Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

CuriOdyssey’s Virtual Summer Programs

CuriOdyssey’s Virtual Summer Programs are interactive, online science and engineering programs that combine collaboration with CuriOdyssey’s professional educators and your child’s growing mastery of independent work. If your child likes to tinker, likes animals, wants to express their creative side or is fascinated with forces that shape our planet, they have the S.T.E.A.M. program for them! Fri. Event Details.

Tour the National Museum of Bermuda’s Hall of History

If you’re interested looking through an international lens at connections that bind black people across the African diaspora, Bermuda is an excellent place to start. From its colonization by the British to modern day, a similar story of Black experience that parallels the American story unfolded on the remote island. The National Museum of Bermuda is home to a Hall of History which vividly depicts the entire history of Bermuda across a 1000-foot mural that is now available to view online via a 360 degree virtual tour. Fri., Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

Virtual Saturday Youth Art Class

Give your child a fun and creative Saturday morning! During these virtual art lessons, children will explore a variety of age appropriate art techniques learning basic 2D and 3D art skills and create a new art project each week. Kids from anywhere in the world can join this class. Sat. Event Details.

MOHAI Fire Day

Celebrate the 131st anniversary of the Great Seattle Fire with MOHAI and the Seattle Fire Department. Your young firefighters-in-training will love learning fire safety tips, making crafts at home, participating in online story time with a real Seattle firefighter and watching other fun videos! Seattle Fire Chief Scoggins will kick off the event’s live portion by conducting the first story time and Q&A at 10 a.m. Sat. Event Details.

At Home Adventure: the Abandoned Astronaut

Help the Abandoned Astronaut escape an alternate dimension from the comfort of your home.

Testing. Testing. Can anyone hear me!? Is anyone there? This is Inter-Dimensional Agent A003. My portal exploded and stranded me in a collapsing dimension. If you’re receiving this transmission I need your help. Use your wits to navigate the map and solve the puzzles to return the astronaut to her dimension. Sat. Event Details

Zumbini Music, Movement Sing Dance Story

Free 30 minutes virtual live class. You will dance like a kangaroo, act out animal sounds, learn parts of the body, go to the beach and use your imagination and so much more. You will read a story too. Sun. Event Details.

Hit the Sidewalk

Have some extraordinary fun outside without going far with these interesting sidewalk a activities. Find them here.

Show Your Pride

There’s still time to celebrate Pride with your family. Here are some ways to let your love for our LGBTQ community show.

–Annette Benedetti