Whether you have just had your first baby, or are wrangling three, finding a tribe you can turn to for support is key for keeping your sanity! Creating a local support network for your parenting journey is challenging regardless of how many kids you have. Fortunately, Portland is packed with awesome parenting support groups that gives all parents opportunities to make friends. Read on for a list of Portland’s best moms groups that are perfect for you.

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Circle of Moms – Oregon Mommies
Circle of Moms aims to help moms connect with each other to address the challenges and share the joys of motherhood together. The commitment to fostering an educational, supportive and secure environment has made Circle of Moms the largest and fastest-growing community of its kind.

Day Hike Moms
This is a Day Hike Group for moms and their children in the Portland area. This is a way to get out of the house, out of a rut, to explore nature with your kids and to become part of nature again. It is a great way to exercise, feel some serenity, and teach your children about what life is outside the city.

Fabulous Portland Mama’s & Mommies to be!
Are you a mom with a baby or toddler or an expecting mom who hasn’t had an opportunity to meet other mom’s in the area? This group is for fun moms who are looking for other moms to connect with socially.

Jewish Moms & Babies Coffee Hour
Dig yourself out from under all those diapers and come hang out with other moms. You’ll enjoy great discussion and a cup of coffee while the babies have fun with excersaucers, floor mats and toys. Bask in the joys of motherhood as you discover new things about your baby’s development. Rediscover your creative side as you learn to scrapbook your babies favorite memories or talk about fun parenting. Each class will also include a Mom & Baby group time with songs and movement. Hebrew immersion.


Mamapedia connects moms at every stage of their children’s lives to compelling content from the source they trust most: other moms. Every day, moms turn to Mamapedia.com for advice on everything moms need: parenting, health, family, finance, pregnancy, nutrition, and travel; and on children of every age from infant to adult. Our vibrant local community network (formerly known as Mamasource) offers a place where moms can connect with each other in a supportive environment that serves as their very own local online moms group.

MOMS Club® of Portland-West Hills
The MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club® is a non-profit support group for stay-at-home or part-time working mothers and their children. Collectively this organization has over 2,000 chapters in seven countries.

Moms Like Me
Where Portland mom’s meet to share ideas and stories about their experiences with their children in their lives.

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Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)
MOPS is a place to find friendship, community, resources and support for you as a woman and mother so you’re not alone. Moms have found community through MOPS for almost 40 years – MOPS is the mothering authority. MOPS holds and shares the collected wisdom of mothers and experts.

Mothers & More
Mothers and More welcomes all mothers. Its members include women of all ages, with children of all ages. It includes stay-at-home moms, those who are working for pay part-time, full-time, work-at-home and everything in between. This group recognizes that the unpaid work that all mothers do caring for their families is real work with real social and economic value.

New Moms of Portland
New Moms of North Portland is a small group for new moms in and around North Portland that meets for support, play dates and to get out of the house and have fun. This group is a safe place to vent, share, ask for help, and support each other without judgement. Keeping the group small makes it easier to foster trust and build real friendships.

Oregon Mom
Whether you’re a new mom searching for the best Oregon has to offer kids, or an experienced Oregon mom who’d like to share some wisdom on raising kids in Oregon – Oregon Mom is the club for you. Fun places, events for families, and your candid, insightful input and reviews are added all the time.

Portland Metro Mocha Moms
Join other local stay-at-home moms of color for friendship and reassurance, parenting and career advice, community service and fun.

Portland Playgroup for Single Moms
This group is for single mothers of young children who would like to get together for regular play dates in Portland.

Portland Working Mommies & Kiddos
Looking for working mommies with kiddos from 1 to 5 years old who are up to meeting for coffee, mall strolls, trips to the park, play dates, and Mom’s Night Outs. Working Mommies & Kiddos is a very active group that helps support and share the struggles of balancing work, spending quality time with the family and trying to regain some semblance of a personal life.

Single Mom Support – Eve’s Daughters
Founded in 2007 by two single moms, Eve’s Daughters aims to provide local women facing divorce, abandonment or widowhood the hope, skills and tools they need to raise their children alone. The group was started to reach other single moms and provide community for those facing the joys and struggles of raising kids. Eve’s Daughters currently sponsors once a month “Single Moms: Soup’s On!” gatherings for moms and their children. They also meet individually with moms, provide referrals and offer other assistance, as needed.

The Portland Step Mom Meetup Group
The Portland Step Mom Meetup Group is a club for step moms to share experiences, difficulties and triumphs with other step moms in the Portland area.

Urban Mamas
Urban Mamas is a group for moms who work full or part-time outside the home to share ideas/stories/feedback/support about all of the issues around working and raising children at the same time. Urban Moms meets about one weekday evening a month (moms and non-mobile kids) and one Sunday morning a month (moms and kids).


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