Whether your school-aged kiddo is already a budding musician or simply ready to try something new, Portland has a wide variety of music schools that offer lessons in the after-school hours. From ukuleles to percussion to chamber strings, there is bound to be something to grab your little one’s attention. Click through our album to see our six picks for music lessons around town.

Ethos Music Center

This non-profit music center's mission is to make music lessons available to kids, no matter what their socioeconomic status may be. To this end, they provide lessons on a sliding scale basis for parents with children who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Their music center/cafe over the years has become a bustling hub within north Portland for budding musicians of all walks of life. Ethos offers individual lessons, as well as group classes and camps for drums, voice, piano, choir, violin and may others, for kids 3-18, with caring and talented instructors. Be sure to call or check their website for current offerings.

2 N Killingsworth St.
Portland, Or
Online: ethos.org

Photo: Ethos Music Center, credit Lori F. via Yelp

  • Lori F. via Yelp http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=6VqAUeUc8hMMT_2e6X4ADQ


Do you have a Portland-area music school that you love? Tell us which ones you’ve tried in the comments below!

– Marianne Walters