Portland is so rich with character, even our city quadrants have their own personalities (what’s up, SW?). In case there was any doubt in your mind that raising your offspring in this charming little city is the bees knees, we’ve rounded up some of the reasons it simply rocks. Read on for 15 of our best arguments, then add your own in the comments.

#1 Your kids can watch world-class soccer players from the Timbers and Thorns, then go off to their own matches.

Portland kids playing soccer
photo: img_1468 by Jason Lander via Flickr
#2 Your kids are used to seeing as many bikes (and bike trailers) on the road as cars and trucks.
Portland family bike ride
photo: Family bike ride by Jason Lander via Flickr
#3 Rain isn’t a reason to stay indoors; it’s just a reason for a different type of outdoor play.
splashing in puddles
photo: Puddle jumper by Counselman Collection via Flickr
#4 Hiking trails for all ages and abilities equals great stroller-free opportunities for outdoor fun.
Family hiking Washington park
photo: Marianne Walters
#5 We get to enjoy all four seasons without any sub-zero temperatures.
Portland kids on patio
photo: kids’ table by Loren Kerns via Flickr
#6 Downtown seems to have been designed for the young and the young at heart.
Downtown Portland seal statue
photo: Seal in Downtown Portland by R. Crap Mariner via Flickr
#7 There are nearly as many children’s theater options as those for the grown-ups.
Alice in Wonderland Northwest Children's Theater
photo: ©2016 David Kinder
#8 Accessibility is part of the norm here, with playgrounds and classes abound for those with special needs.
Harper's Playground Portland
photo: Harper’s Playground via NPNS Community
#9 The Rose Room at Powell’s. ‘Nuff said.
Powell's books rose room
photo: Book Reading by geraldford via Flickr
#10 Splash pads offer the cooling-off fun without the community pool membership.
Jamison Park Fountain
photo: Marianne Walters
#11 We’re all on a first-name basis with some of the most famous elephants in the U.S.
Oregon Zoo elephants
photo: Family Love by Stuart Seeger via Flickr
#12 Snow in Portland is so rare, one inch of the white stuff is enough for a Winter Wonderland.
Portland kid in snow
photo: DSC06693 by Jason Lander via Flickr
What else would you add to our list of Portland perks? Let us know in the comments below!
—Marianne Walters