Rose City Rollers

Leave it all on the track with Rose City Rollers! Did you know that Rose City Rollers roller derby league has a junior derby program? Our junior derby league starts at age 7 with a modified contact program, the Rose Petals. As the girls grow into teenagers, they are able to transfer into the Rosebuds, offering a full contact version of the sport. The young women who are part of our junior program are fierce, strong, and bold. They connect with inclusive community and find their power through the incredible sport of roller derby. This sport teaches girls and adults alike important skills like teamwork, communication, leadership and FUN!

Whether you have a girl who wants to join, or you want to come watch a bout, we have something for everyone at Rose City Rollers. Our juniors bouts (that’s what we call a game) usually happen on Sunday afternoons and are super fun high energy events! Check out our Family Pack for future events! Our junior intakes happen every three months, so be sure to check out our calendar to find out when your future derby star can sign up!


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