Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action is Portland Children’s Museum’s new fitness exhibit, designed to get kids moving, grooving, learning and laughing all at the same time. Stations in the exhibit involving surfing, snowboarding, kung fu and rock wall climbing illustrate just how fun staying fit and being active can be. Read on to discover what we found when we checked it out ourselves.

Portland Childrens Museum 2 Gardiner

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Grab Your Passport
Pick up an Action Tracker Passport as you walk in if you don’t want to miss any of the educational stations. As your family completes activities at each station, you can give yourselves a stamp. Or, if you like, just wander around and participate in any activities that call to you. It’s your play time! Each station focuses on a different skill or facet of fitness, like balance, coordination or strength. After all this training, you’ll have little action stars on your hands. Run Jump Fly Snowboards

photo: Courtesy of Portland Children’s Museum

Hang Ten
Kids balance on a springy, wobbly board in front of a giant screen that shows snowy snowboard or ocean surfing scenes. On our visit, kids flocked to this one to try their hand (or legs) at balancing. Wipe out? No big deal. Get back on that board and keep hanging ten.

Portland Childrens Museum 4 Gardiner

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Kung Fu Forest
Kung Fu is all about precision, balance, coordination and focus. In this station, as different poses light up, participants are encouraged to duplicate and hold the stance they see. Kids can try on black robes as they prepare to defend themselves against invisible bad guys.

Flycycle Sky
Sit in one of the seats on the bicycle built for two and pedal away, while you watch the old-fashioned flying machine flap its arms above you. Kids love watching the cause-and-effect of their efforts, encouraging them to pedal even faster and harder.

Portland Childrens Museum Gardiner

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Climbing Canyon
Whether your kids have never climbed, or they have a few bouldering sessions under their belts, this climbing wall will challenge them into finding new ways to scale up and across. It’s not too tall, so parents can easily spot more adventurous kids. There are little explorer vests to help them dress the part, if they so desire.

Yoga Station
Grab a mat and learn some new poses. Yoga doesn’t just stretch, calm and center, it’s also a real workout, strengthening core muscles.

Portland Children Museum 3 Gardiner

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Dance Club
Push the button to watch a video of a kid doing their own version of the boogie woogie. Follow their movements as they do the robot, spin or just shake a tail feather. Now you’re cooking! Parents, kids and anyone who enjoys a dance can get in on this one.

Strength Center
A rowing machine, leg press and monkey bars will challenge any young bodybuilder. How many reps can you do? For extra credit, put that preschool crowd to work climbing the Toddler Tower with the reward of a short slide down to the bottom.

Insider details
Admission to Run! Jump! Fly! is included with your museum admission or membership, so go on down and find out how much leg power it takes to make those wings flap. Kids of all abilities are able to participate. Push a button, and a dancer in a wheelchair will show you some sweet moves at the Dance Club. For any questions, check with staff. They’ll be happy to help you make your visit a successful one so all kinds of kids can establish those healthy active habits for life.

Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action
January 23-May 15, 2016
Open daily, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Portland Children’s Museum
4015 SW Canyon Rd.

Have you checked out the new Run! Jump! Fly! exhibit? Let us know in the comments!

—Kelley Gardiner