As a parent your sense of fashion doesn’t simply float away now that you have little ones (that would be your sense of free time).  If anything this is an opportunity to express their singular personalities as well as your own.  That is what makes brands like Portand’s Tiny Hiney so valuable.

Founded by two moms with passions for fashion, this line offers a unique selection of contemporary styles made with light and comfortable pima cotton.  Meaning that not only will you relish the style, your little ones will covet the chance to adorn their new clothes.  How many lines can offer an ultra soft shirt adorned with rhinestone wings for your little angel and another featuring a shiny chopper for the rebel without a cause? Girls items are adorned with rhinestones, while boys gear sports manly studs.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of style to your own kids or a gift that is anything but ordinary Tiny Hiney can satisfy even the most fashion conscious parents.

Shop online at, prices from $20 – $28.

— Ryan Hamamoto