Whether you and the kid are haunting solo or you’re part of a large group your own neighborhood is #1 for getting to know your neighbors, staying out a little too late and creating memories and stories that last forever. But if your neighborhood isn’t so pedestrian friendly, lacks the Halloween spirit or you want to double up and score more candy, check out one of these Trick-or-Treat destinations. This year we’re spilling the beans on some of the most fun neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. Read on and leave us a comment below if we’ve missed your fave spot!

North Portland
The University of Portland,  dorms are open to kids on Halloween night from 5pm-7pm and you’ll find decorated hallways and spirited college students passing out candy in a well-lit, warm and dry environment. This is a great option for the smallest of Trick-or-Treaters. This is located at 5000 North Willamette Boulevard. Across Willamette Blvd from the University, Portsmouth between Lombard and Willamette is lined with decorated houses known locally as the ‘Street of Screams’. One house in particular, will really give little ones a fright… so much so that you might want to cover their eyes. Here’s a preview to help you decide.

The Willamette Bluff, south of Rosa Parks and West of Greeley is great for families who want to Trick-Or-Treat in the dark. This is a low-traffic neighborhood with trees, modest old-Portland homes and a view of the skyline. Park on Rosa Parks or just off of Greeley and walk in.

McMenamin’s Kennedy School, at 5736 N.E. 33rd Ave., has Halloween events in the afternoon and evening that are fun for parents and kids. Freak Mountain Ramblers will perform and kids can trick-or-treat around the property.

Concordia University, located at 2811 NE Holman, invites families to a party with kid’s games and crafts and Trick-or-Treat in the residence halls.

Portland’s Irvington Neighborhood is full of stately homes lived in by families that really do up Halloween. This is a fun place to run around and the haul will be good! Irvington extends east from NE 7th to about 26th between Broadway and Fremont. Enter closest to wherever you’re coming from.

Tucked into Forest Park along the Wildwood Trail, are a few blocks of houses great for taking slightly bigger Trick-Or-Treaters out. The houses are amazing and close together. The hills are steep (you wanted a little work out, right?) and if you’ve read Wildwood to your kids, they’ll be really creeped-out. Park around NW Thurman and 28th and walk over the bridge into the neighborhood. If you want to make it even more eerie, enter from Lower MacLeay Park and take the stairs to the top of the bridge. Look out for trolls!

At Multnomah Village, merchants hand out candy and ham it up for little ones. This is great for families with toddlers. It’s a short walk and there are plenty of kid-friendly dinner spots.

Get lost in the maze-like neighborhood of Ladd’s Addition in SE Portland. This neighborhood loves Halloween. Last year, someone put out a Lola photo booth. How fun is that?!

Check out Reed College Place and whatever the Woodstock Community Center has in store. The community center is located at 5905 Southeast 43rd Avenue. Head east on Woodstock from Ceasar Chaves (aka 39th) and stop at shops for Trick-Or-Treat. Click here for a full list of participating businesses.

If friends in Sellwood invite you to go out with them on Halloween, say yes. Sellwood, south of town and just on the East side of the river, is full of kids and sweet houses! Go. Park any ole’ place and walk around.

Tell us about your Halloween hot spots in the comment section below.  

–Amber Dennis

Photos courtesy of Amber and The House Of Horror’s Facebook page.