Warm, freshly fried dough, sprinkled in sugar and served immediately — does it get much better? How about serving it with ice cream? 180’s xurros are making a kid-friendly splash in Portland’s confectionary culinary scene, and they offer a new kind of treat for you for your special little sweets.

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photo: Carly Diaz

What are Xurros?
You’re probably familiar with churros: those fried treats you might get at the fair. The xurros at 180 are inspired by the chefs’ childhood memories in Spain. Fried to order at 180 degrees Celsius (hence the name), they’re crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and ready for a sprinkling of plain or cinnamon sugar with or without dipping sauce. And magically, they’re vegan!


photo: Carly Diaz

180 opened on NE Broadway in late January, and it’s already a popular go-to for kids and grownups alike. They don’t just serve those perfect plain xurros, either. Filled xurros (Xurros Rellanos), come with fillings like cream or dulce de leche. Don’t forget the napkins! For a true taste of decadence, the Xuixos give the cronut (croissant dough fried and filled with cream) a run for its money. Supplies are limited daily.

For an extra taste of decadence, try the drinking chocolate (Xocolata), made for sipping and/or dipping. As for mom and dad, there are traditional Spanish coffee drinks as well. You’re encouraged to dip your xurro in the coffee, too, if so inclined.


photo: Carly Diaz

Eat Sweets for a Cause
Every month, 180 does a special collaboration with a local chef, with the proceeds going to the charity of the collaborator’s choice. August’s delicacy puts these treats into a’ whole new realm: ice cream! This month’s chef is Earl Ninsom, the chef/owner of PaaDee, Langbaan, Common Law and Hat Yai — the last of which just opened, so we’re not sure when he has the time to dream up new ice cream flavors, but we’re not complaining! You can’t get a reservation at Langbaan until next year, but you can try his special until the end of August 2016 only: Xurros with Thai Tea Ice Cream.

180 xurro Kelley Gardiner (2)

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Try Something Special
There’s one scoop of coconut and jasmine, and one scoop of green matcha tea, served with a freshly fried xurro, of course. All proceeds from this month’s collaboration will benefit Boys & Girls Aid. You won’t see it on the menu, so be sure to ask! These flavors might be a little on the sophisticated side, but everyone in the family will find something they enjoy. 

If you go: Grab a seat at the counter, and you can watch your xurros being fried up in the open kitchen. Looking for a little light lunch before enjoying sweet treats? There’s a Spielman Bagel shop right next door. And when you’re done, you’re not too far from Grant Park. Go run off some energy on the playground or on the Ramona-themed splash pad on a hot day.

2218 NE Broadway St.
Online: 180pdx.com

Have you been to 180? What’s your favorite thing to order?


—Kelley Gardiner