These power moms are proving that the tech industry is no longer a man’s world. They are using their skills and mad smarts to lift other mothers up, change the world and serve as an example for other science and technology-minded women and girls. Check out their stories and accomplishments below and get ready to feel empowered!

Ehi Aimiuwu-Jinadu  Founder of Geek Moms & Company and Software Analyst for ThoughtWorks


This mother of five has worked in the tech industry as a software analyst for ThoughtWorks —one of the top software consulting companies in the U.S.—for over three years. Along with killing it at her full-time job, she started and runs Geek Moms & Company, a platform for women in the technology space, that provides digital media services for women business owners and entrepreneurs, and women-led startups. Ehi created Geek Moms & Company in an effort to help other women embrace new challenges and share their authentic stories.

While Ehi is proud of her work in the tech world and founding a business that aids women in realizing their dreams, she takes the most pride in having had the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship and raise her five children, Jaylen (11), Aaliyah (9), Chloe (6), Alexis is (4) and Ade (1)—as a single parent. Ehi enjoys sharing her passion for photography with her children and enjoys teaching them how to take good photos. When asked about how she finds work/life balance she says, “[I] breathe and literally take one step at a time. We can’t overwhelm ourselves with everything at the same time. Prioritize, plan, and tackle one problem at a time.”


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—Annette Benedetti

All photos courtesy the fabulous power moms of tech except where noted.