These power moms are proving that the tech industry is no longer a man’s world. They are using their skills and mad smarts to lift other mothers up, change the world and serve as an example for other science and technology-minded women and girls. Check out their stories and accomplishments below and get ready to feel empowered!

Padmasri Atreya, Software Quality Assurance Engineer at TiVo

As a subject matter expert and engineering lead, this power mom helps TiVo roll out large deployments of millions of new set top boxes at the scale of whole European countries all while parenting her two young children Charvie (5) and Pruthvi (1). Her interest in the video domain grew after completing her engineering in telecommunications degree and she has worked for video broadcasting technology companies like Panasonic, Comcast and NDS. While she is proud of her professional accomplishments, her top priority and greatest joy comes from enriching the lives of her children through travel, hiking and exploring national parks.

Padmasri describes herself as a Lean In fan and says when it comes to parenting she believes in providing a wide set of exposure and experiences for her children in their formative years and then letting them choose their focus later. Her approach to striking a work/life balance is “work hard and have fun,” and she agrees with Arianna Huffington’s urgings to “Thrive, not just survive” and live on your own terms by creating a life of well-bing, wisdom and wonder.


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—Annette Benedetti

All photos courtesy the fabulous power moms of tech except where noted.