I hated being pregnant. Period.

Yet somehow, throughout my pregnancy I was surrounded by people telling me how much they loved being pregnant. I always ended up walking away from these conversations trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why did I hate being pregnant? Was I really ready to be a mom? And the question that plagued me, “Will I love motherhood if I hate being pregnant?”

Pregnancy bites. No not for all people, but for people like me it does.  I had morning sickness, then sciatica, then heartburn – not to mention the general discomfort caused by a BABY GROWING INSIDE OF ME! Now, I want to be clear, I was always thankful for the amazing opportunity to become a mom – but being appreciative and enjoying something are two different things. And quite frankly I did not enjoy being pregnant.

To those women who say they never felt sexier, good for you. I felt like a cow. To those women who say they never felt better, good for you. I felt like I had been tumbled around in a dryer after not sleeping for a month. To those women who say they loved feeling the baby move, good for you. It creeped me out and actually hurt sometimes. To those women who say they enjoyed every minute of it, good for you. But for me, it was a means to an end.

I now have a healthy, wonderful six month old daughter whom I love dearly. Yet, no combination of crazy postpartum hormones make me reflect on my pregnancy any more positively. But will I do it again? Yup, God willing. Not because I enjoyed being pregnant, but because I love being a mom. And my daughter makes the ten months of pregnancy completely worth it.

Pregnancy is tough, eating right shouldn’t be! My uncomfortable pregnancy was the inspiration behind Pregnancy Bites which offers meal plans for pregnant & nursing women.