You’re steering clear of beer and wine, cutting down on coffee and Frappuccinos and wouldn’t dream of indulging in a frozen margarita now that you’re pregnant. But a cool, sweet drink would taste amazing right about now in the heat of summer right? Read on for recipes and ideas for beverages that are safe plus packed with nutrients for a healthy baby.


Photo: Eat Live Run

Easy-Peasy Pregnancy Shake: Follow the recipe on Eat Live Run to make a perfect potion for pregnant mamas-to-be. Blend together banana, peanut butter, medjool date, cinnamon and whole milk. You’ll reap the benefits of potassium (for helping to prevent pregnancy leg cramps) and healthy fats that are good for baby. Plus, some studies suggest that eating dates during pregnancy can lead to an easier labor. We’ll drink to that!

An Omega-3 Rich Cup: This smoothie is jam-paced with omega-3’s that help build your baby’s brain. You can find the full recipe on Wholistic Beginnings, which includes almond milk, banana, flax, hemp seed nut, chia seeds, walnuts and more.

Bundle Organics trio

Organic Juices Made for Pregnant & New Moms: Bundle Organics prenatal juices are packed with folic acid, omega-3 and other good-for-your-bump nutrients. Choose from three flavors – dark berry which promises an energy and immunity boost; a lemon, ginger and kale blend that combats fatigue and nausea; and an orange mix filled with goods that help build Baby’s circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. Grab a bottle the next time you’re stocking up on nursery necessities at Babies R Us or find the online at

Mix Up a Mocktail: Love indulging in fruity cocktails at summer parties? Treat your pregnant self to a virgin concoction instead. Check out our list of 14 summer mocktails that the whole family will enjoy from a watermelon slush smoothie to a non-alcoholic sangria. Who wants a hangover anyway?


Photo: Everyday Roots

A Healthy Way to Hydrate: Staying hydrated is key during pregnancy, especially if you’re carrying a baby through the heat of summer. But most electrolyte “rehydration” drinks are filled with sugar, chemical colors and other ingredients that you don’t need to drink during pregnancy. Make your own with an easy recipe from Everyday Roots. All you need is coconut water, strawberries, water, ice, sea salt and honey. Bonus: It’ll taste more fresh and refreshing than any store bought version!

Your Sipping Savior for Morning Sickness: Feeling queasy and can’t stomach breakfast? Try this smoothie from Perfection is Happy. All you need is Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches and a cup of vanilla almond milk. That’s easy enough to make even when you’re on the edge of running for the bathroom. Having some protein, dairy and fruits in your belly should help you feel better.


Read Up for More Yummy Blends: Consider the brand new book, Homemade Smoothies for Mother and Baby, your prenatal smoothie bible. There are 300 recipes for smoothies that are crafted to offer prenatal nutrition, optimize breastmilk production and even special blends your baby and toddler will love. Get it on for $11.36, as of August 4.

What do you enjoy drinking during pregnancy? Share your recipes in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss