Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, recently shared an Instagram video that shows off her awesomely amazing pregnancy transformation. The new mama worked out during her pregnancy, and it shows. Through the magic of time-lapse, Eniko shows how her belly grew from a barely there bump to pretty and preggo. Check out this beautiful belly bump clip and you’ll see why it’s so very special!

The new mommy just (seriously, just) gave birth to her first son. After having baby Kenzo on Nov. 21, Parrish jumped right back in to her exercise routine. And you can see it all on her IG time-lapse post.

Okay, maybe not all. There are probably hours of sweating that went into her pre-and post-baby body. But the clip does detail how her bump grew, as she does squats. Eniko squats away in the same place as we watch her bump build and build. And then comes the grand finale — her adorable baby boy!

It might only be a few weeks after giving birth, but the video of Eniko squatting with her newborn in her arms shows just how hard the mama worked. Sure, she might have some pretty amazing genetics backing her up. But if the video is any indication, the new mom certainly worked to get her post-preggo bod.

What did your pregnancy workout routine look like? Tell us in the comments below.