Once again shutting down critics and proving (what all moms know) that women can indeed do it all, Cardi B performed at Coachella while pregnant and it was as epic as you’d imagine.

After revealing her much speculated pregnancy on Saturday Night Live, Cardi B faced some tough critics that claimed her choice to have a baby and a debut album at the same time would spell doom for the rap artist’s budding career. Nevertheless, Cardi B persisted and is proving those naysayers completely wrong. At this weekend’s Coachella festival, the mom-to-be continued to be walking proof that women can indeed have a career and a baby at the same time.

Fans on Twitter reacted accordingly to Cardi B’s spectacular performance of a medley of her hit songs along with a few featured guests. It was the rapper’s dance moves that had fans talking, however.

She didn’t let her baby bump keep her from twerking and dropping it low (not to mention getting back up again, no easy feat when you’re pregnant). She even joked, “That’s how I got pregnant ya’ll.”

Did you work though your pregnancy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Cardi B via Instagram


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