Keeping the baby’s gender under wraps is a choice some parents make, but when the whole world is watching with baited breath you have to be very careful about what you say or you might just let the baby out of the bag. Prince William just learned this lesson the hard way with a simple comment that could have accidentally revealed the sex of the Royal Baby… oops!

Prince William cheered on his favorite soccer team, Aston Villa, earlier last week when he might have inadvertently let slip that the royal couple is expecting another boy. At the end of the match, the Duke of Cambridge reportedly congratulated player Jack Grealish on his winning goal, exclaiming, “I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack.” The Prince then quickly added, “…or Jackie.”

So was the comment a slip of the tongue, followed by an attempt to cover up the faux pas? Or maybe it was just wishful thinking? After all, if the Duchess gives birth to a girl, the royal men in their expanding family will officially be outnumbered.

Either way, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out because #RoyalBabyWatch is officially on. Kate Middleton is due any day and the world will finally learn whether the Royal Baby will be a little prince or princess—and of course, that means finding out what the newest member of the Royal Family will be named, too. (According to Vanity Fair, odds on the Royal Baby name are currently on Albert or Arthur if the baby is, in fact, a boy, or Alice and Mary if the royal baby is a girl.)

Did you or your spouse ever slip up on a surprise gender reveal? Share your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Kensington Palace via Instagram


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