Prince William and his mama-to-be (again) wife Kate are doing what us regular ol’ commoners do during the pre-Christmas holiday-time. And no, we don’t mean that they’re flooding Alexa with a never-ending stream of Amazon orders or standing in line at Target for half a day to buy a toy that their kiddos will play with for all for three minutes before happily trading it for the box that it came in. So what are the royal duo up to? They’re taking family holiday pics!

The couple recently revealed their 2017 holiday card family photo — and it’s absolutely as adorable as you’d think it would be. In the ever-present age of social media, Kensington Palace made the big photo announcement on Twitter!

Instead of the crazy Christmas sweaters and silly poses some of us favor, the royal couple kept it completely classy. No over-the-top red and green matchy-matchy outfits for these two, or their amazingly adorable little ones.

Wearing coordinating shades of blue, the family or four looks regal as can be. Taken earlier this year by royal photographer for Getty Images, Chris Jackson, the fabulous family photo features 4-year-old Charlotte (a mini version of her mom, err, mum) and big bro George, along with William and Kate, of course. Ahh, if only our kids could be so well-behaved during family photos.

Did your family wear matching outfits for your holiday card? Describe your fave photo getup and share it with us in the comments below.