Do you remember your high school principal? Yeah, he or she was the totally uncool head of the school. Well, the days of the kind of dorky principal are gone. At least, at one high school in Florida. Dr. Donna “Mickey” Reynolds, the principal of Lake Mary High School, treated her students to s standout step performance at the school’s pep rally. Seriously. Check out the awesomeness that Dr. Reynolds brought to her students!

During the last pep rally of the football season, the school’s step team, Unity Revolution, took the stage. Or rather, took the gym floor. When the students ran out and got into place, everything seemed normal. But that didn’t last long. As the team performed everyone who was watching noticed a new addition. Yep, that’s the school principal.

Clad in the team’s uniform, camo pants, a class t-shirt and athletic shoes, Reynolds hit the floor to join her students.

The principal performed alongside her students, not missing a beat. Talk about school spirit. This principal brought down the house with her amazing performance, and it seems like absolutely everyone is talking about it. When school parent Becky Godwin posted a video of the principal’s pep rally performance on Facebook, the clip quickly went viral. With more than 43,000 reactions, over 36,000 shares and 2.8 million views, everyone wants to see this principal stepping.

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