$12 Monthly Virtual Cooking Classes

Photo by: Alison Mountford

Ends+Stems is a recipe management and meal planning  app – helping busy families decide what to cook, know what to buy, and how to make it all easier! Our recipes have a “Kids Corner” so you can prepare just one meal and appease all of your eaters.

Because 2020 has been SO HARD and we’re all stressed to the max, we are now offering a monthly cooking class for all registered Ends+Stems Meal Planners! If you have an active Ends+Stems subsciption ($12.50/month) you can join our cooking class.

The first class is November 12, so set up your Ends+Stems acount today, vote on the topic and join us on Thursday Nov 12 at 3pm PST (Replay will be aviliable via email). *Some classes will be specifically for kids, but all classes welcome Kid Assistants*

How Our Meal Plans Work

This year is hard. Let’s have a little fun, eat well, and get cooking together! I hope to see you there. <3 Chef Alison

650 Rockdale Drive
San Francisco, CA 94127
Phone: 4156527473
Online: http://www.endsandstems.com


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