Bored Kids Creative Project

Photo by: P.Hostage

Kids have been stuck at home for months now and with the school year done, camps cancelled and nothing to, finding fun projects for them is not easy. Get the kids involved with organizing and creating their own art book!  Artimus Art makes the project fun and easy.

Let your child decide which art pieces to keep and which they want in the book then order a package. Artimus Art will send you a box to ship the art (with return label) and they will turn each art piece into a beautiful reproduction and upload it to your own web gallery. Actively engage the kids in building their book: Giving the art pieces a title and description, select the cover art and name the book themselves. Then BAM! A few weeks later, they have their own art book which they will LOVE!

It’s a project they will be excited about and teach them organizing skills. Get the kids involved and order your box today to get started.


Artimus Art
215 Salem St. Unit G
Boston, MA 01801
Phone: 978-325-3800
Online: http://www.artimusart.com


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