Fresh Start Art

Photo by: artimus art

It’s all been taken downa;  Artwork from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and any other reason your child produced artwork and now it’s a fresh slate for 2021 artwork to begin. Have the MLK and Black History month projects, and probably Valentines Day is already up on your walls, aren’t they?

2021 holds great hope for a normal life again but 2020 was special and so were all those creatvie endeavors that your child made and now is the time to take it all and turn it into a stunning archival book of your kids’ artwork. Getting organized is the theme during lockdowns but preserving those thoughts and imaginative masterpieces will be special keepsakes.

Artimus Art makes it easy for you. Just order your art box with a $30 deposit and get started. Place only the pices you really want to keep in the box and send it in. This is an opportunity to make an memory book from your child’s experiences dealing with this pandemic and remote learning as important as any photo book.


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