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Ends+Stems is a meal planning serivce for busy parents. Now more than ever, parents are telling us they want FASTER dinner recipes. We put together our favorite super speedy meals in a eBook we’re sharing with you for free.

GET –  HANGRY! 10 Minute Recipes for when you needed to eat 30 minutes ago.  by Chef Alison Mountford

Each recipe calls for just 6 ingredients (not counting salt, water, olive oil) and will be on the table faster than you could decide where to order take out.

Ends+Stems was built and is run by a mom of 2 kids, one who should be started kindgergarten but will now be managing our social media instead. So, we get it. These times are crazy. That’s why we hope you enjoy Hangry. 

Check out our facebook group too, full of cooking tips, no food waste ideas, and more.

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