It’s Okay To Take It Down

Photo by: Artimusart

Are you walls covered in kid art?

This year in particular has been one like no other. Kid’s have expressed their thoughts, fears and imagination through art and it’s more meaningful now than ever. How do you plan to preserve that?

Artimus Art takes years worth of kid art and turns it into a beautiful book to archive and save it without having to keep the originals. Kids are so proud to show off their books. Parents are so happy to have their walls back.

Artimus Art makes it easy to get the project going. Order a box with a $30 deposit. The pieces that go into the box are the keepers. The box helps you stay organized and on track to actually follow thorough. Once the box is full, send it off using the prepaid label and once the art is turned into digital images (worthy of printing), they are uploaded to your account. There parents can edit the book and send to print


Artimus Art
215 Salem St. Unit G
Boston, MA 01801
Phone: 978-325-3800
Online: http://www.artimusart.com