Rainy Days are for Sleep and Snuggles

Photo by: Tommee Tippee

There’s nothing new parents love more than a nice, long nap. Tommee Tippee has you and baby covered with a suite of truly useful sleep products that help soothe baby to a sound and cozy slumber. First up is the Bennie the Bear Grofriend, the most adorable bedtime buddy who soothes baby back to sleep when they wake up. It has built-in CrySensor technology so when baby cries, Bear wakes up and soothes baby back to sleep for 20 minutes with a choice of 4 soothing sounds.

And for just enough light in the nursery, Tommee Tippee’s adorable Penguin Night Light stands guard like a trusted friend. And when that little baby of yours grows into a toddler (it’ll happen so fast!), they can pick up the Penguin’s portable glowing egg to take with them when they’re finally potty-trained enough to go to the bathroom themselves in the middle of the night. Dare to dream!!

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