Scrapbooking? Are you Kidding Me?

Photo by: Dana Hostage

Life generates A LOT of stuff…it just comes from living. What kind of stuff? Well… for kids it’s camp postcards, athletic medals, certificates, programs, reportcards, anything that is well…. memeorabila, which in days of yore, were turned into scrapbooks. But who has time for that now?

Artimus Art has been creating kids art books for over a decade but we’ve now have introduced our Digital Scrapbook. Whether it’s kids’ memorabilia, or that of lost loveds ones, or your own meaningful things, Artimus Art turns it all into a beautiful memory book.

We take all those things and reproduce them into digital files. Then turn them into an amazing one of a kind book. It’s a book of life. Your life, Your kids’ life, Your parents life…..preserved. So then you can toss it.

We’ll send you an art colleciton box with return lable for a $50 deposit. We make it so easy for you to send us your memorabilia.

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