Time To Get Art Organized

Photo by: DHostage

What will you do with last year’s kid art? Really, What? because more is on the way!

The artwork kids create is precious, especially this year with the pandemic but honestly, once the pile on the dining room table reaches a certain height, and the basement is full of tubs of art, finding a real solution is paramount for decluttering. So instead of stuffing it into bins or taking horrible photos that you’ll never look at again, think about transforming it into a beautiful book.

Sign up for a package and they’ll send you a box to make it super easy to start your project. Choose which pieces to keep and which to toss. Then send the box in. The art is digitized and uploaded to your account. Then log on and build your book in 5 easy steps.

Kids love being able to show off their masterpieces to family and friends and parents love having all the art condensed into a simple, elegant book.

Simply Brilliant!


Artimus Art
215 Salem St. Unit G
Boston, MA 01801
Phone: 978-325-3800
Online: http://www.artimusart.com


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