Where Did My Art Go?

If your kids are like mine were when they we little, they created more artwork than I knew what to do with. Could I toss it? Nope. Why not? It’s too precious How could you ever toss that? Now we say, Don’t Toss It! let Artimus Art turn it into a beautiful book!

My kids loved, loved, loved looking at their books each night before bed. Where do you tell them the art went? Well, into the book, of course! Artimus Art made the process so simple, starting with the box they send you to place the artwork in. Send off the box and poof! The art appear in your online account and in 5 easy steps, you can create your book. Then good bye originals and hello proud little artists.

Artimus Art launched back in 2008 when the idea wasn’t even around. My daughter, my inspiration is now 24 and brought her artistry to the tech world. Her creativity bloomed as she grew. And I’m so proud.



Artimus Art
215 Salem St. Unit G
Boston, MA 01801
Phone: 978-890-7187
Online: https://artimusart.com


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