Oh, to have a magical proposal story. We all want to share our fabulous, “He asked me to marry him!” fairytale with our kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and… well, you get the picture. And recently, one Kansas City couple got just that. But maybe not in the way they had expected. Check out what happened when Seth Dixon popped the question to Ruth Salas.

Dixon picked a picturesque little bridge for his proposal. He bent down on one knee, opened the little box (you know, the one that we all want to see — the one with the diamond in it) and asked Salas to marry him. Umm, wait. Maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that. Oh, and the whole thing was caught on film, by Staci Dabney Photography.

Nope. It didn’t. Instead Dixon dropped the ring. Not only did he drop the ring, but he dropped it into the water. Remember, he chose to propose on a bridge. The ring fell between the wooden slats and landed in the water beneath.

Even though a few helpful people who were nearby jumped right on in and tried to find the ring, it’s still missing. Sure, Dixon is out one ring. But he’s also up one wife-to-be!

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