Going back to school means going back to fundraising, too. From wrapping paper to chocolate, it seems like almost every school administration asks its parents to get involved and give back in some way…until now. One genius PTA fundraising idea could spell the end for all those car washes and restaurant nights.

As mom Briana Leggett Woods recently shared on Facebook, the parents at Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama have some new options when it comes to school fundraising this year. A letter from the school’s Parent Teacher Association offered parents the ability to opt out of volunteering and fundraising for the school year. But how could this possibly help the kids or the school?

The only catch to opting out is that parents have to pay—literally. If they want out of all those bake sales, Auburn High School parents will have to pay the piper. They won’t have to pay out the nose, either, as the PTA gives parents a few different buy-out levels from which to choose.

For just $15, parents won’t have to do anything more than pony up an email address in case any additional assistance is needed in the future. For only $10 more, parents can simply ‘fess up about the fact that they probably won’t read or respond to those PTA emails anyway, and just make a blanket $25 donation to save everyone the trouble of chasing them down via email list.

The real winner here is the last option, which lots of busy parents would be happy to jump at. For a contribution of $50 or more, parents can ask the school to, “forget my name and my face and not ask me for anything else all year except to complete this form!”

Despite wanting to help, many parents are lacking the time to do so. This clever and completely hilarious opt-out program allows moms and dads to leave something off of the endless to-do list without having to feel guilty.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Rawpixel



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