If you sported a denim vest covered in pins as a kid, chances are you were a big fan of Punky Brewster. Now that spunky gal is headed back to the small screen in a reboot with original star Soliel Moon Frye.

The reboot, which will be based on the Emmy-nominated series Punky Brewster that ran on NBC in the early 80’s, will find Punky all grown up and a single mom of three. She is attempting to get her life on track when she meets a young girl that reminds her of herself as a kid.

The new series is in the early stages of development so there is no word yet on when it will premiere or what network it will air on. Wherever it lands, fans are sure to enjoy the communal experience of watching with their kids, much like the recent reboots of She’s So Raven and Boy Meets World.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Soliel Moon Frye via Instagram



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