In the mad dash of life-with-kids, squeezing in a healthy dinner and sneaking a few minutes of guilty pleasure TV is considered a major victory–so getting quality family time on the regular is equivalent to having an squabble-free house for at least 24 hours. (Amazing, right!?) Make it happen by tossing out a brain-teasing, kid-friendly puzzle and see how fast little hands flock to the table. From a 3-D world globe to pieces that make more than one picture, scroll down to take a peek at our picks for coolest puzzles the whole family will enjoy.


Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Ball
This puzzle will withstand the test of time for your family–AKA your 2-year old chewing on pieces, your 6-year old using them to build a fort for his action figures– because the pieces are thick and the connectors won’t get bent up from having novice puzzlers making sure those pieces don’t really go together… over and over again. We love the 3D world globe set but there are other choices, like Cinderella’s castle (for the older kids) the Eiffel Tower, and of course, Lady Liberty herself.

Available online at, $27.55.


Puzzles Without Borders
Not just a puzzle, these bright pieces give kids the ability to create endless designs and pictures, each one looking like another image at the end of a kaleidoscope. STEM approved, with magnetic backs for easy-play, this is our pick best puzzle to take along on those long family road trips.

Available online at, $21.99.

aristotlesnumberpuzzle_familypuzzles_national_redtricycleAristotle’s Number Puzzle
This mind-puzzling math problem is a shout-out to one of the original inquiring minds so it’s got to be good!  Name of the game? Figure out a way to get the numbers to line up and equal the same amount in each row. This one will put some math skills to the test too (add more parenting points here!)

Available online at, $15.00.

Family time and a mini-geography lesson? Talk about winning major parenting points(go you!) GeoPuzzles are an entire line of jigsaw puzzles with pieces shaped like countries from around the world, making find out exactly where Denmark, India and Madagascar are an educational (shhh!) add to game time. Consider keeping your phone open to the Google app too-there’s nothing like being stumped by a wondering kiddo as to whether there are zebras in Tanzania or if if it snows in Turkey.

Set of six puzzles available online at, $59.99.

sixpuzzleset_engravebylaser_familypuzzle_national_redtricycleSix Puzzle Set
Handcrafted by etsy shop owner Engraved by Laser, this six puzzle set comes with enough individual puzzle for everyone to try their hand at figuring out how to disassemble the pieces. We love the wooden box for storage and you’ll love the chance challenge your kids’ working minds.

Available online at, $21.00

Do you enjoy family time with a mind puzzler or two? Share with us in the comments!

— Gabby Cullen & Katie Kavulla