Every parent can benefit from parenting hacks, so here are 7 of my favorites.

1. Have a homemade stain remover.

You know when it comes to kids how messing things can get: they spill food everywhere from the floor to their clothes. Their clothes need more attention and that’s why you should have a solvent ready to clean them. You can mix one part of gentle detergent with two parts hydrogen peroxide to make the most efficient stain remover. You can remove the poop and puke stains from basically anywhere with this. Isn’t it a fab thing?

2. Use an bigged sized diaper for good night’s sleep.

You know why a baby cries in the midnight? There can be two common reasons: hunger or diaper change. In case of the hunger pangs, you know when to feed your little one because, after a few days, the timings would be known and for the next, there’s a solution. You can make the kiddo wear a bigger diaper that will absorb more pee while the baby sleeps peacefully. Overnight diapers are also a huge lifesaver for a good night’s sleep for everyone, too.

3. Calm down the after-bath screams with a warm towel.

Have you ever seen that kids cry badly—really really badly—after you give them a bath? You might find that no matter what you do, there’s nothing that can make them feel good about it. Warm up their bathtowel with the help of a heating pad and wrap your tiny one in the warmed towel to provide that extra cozyness. The screams will stop after that.

4. Save the bottle for night-time feedings.

It’s said mother’s milk is the best for the baby for about seven to eight months, but many babies would choose breast over bottle most times. As a result, you would disturb your sleep during the night time when the baby is hungry and would cling onto you for food. What you can do is: restrict bottled milk or formula for the little one only during the midnight hunger pangs.

5. Use a laundry bag so socks don’t go missing.

During the first few years, you’d be tired of the ghostly disappearance of one of the socks of the pair, but you wouldn’t find them anywhere. Later, when your kid outgrows the size of the socks, the prodigal piece would return. Hence, you should be focused on keeping both the pieces together—intact, without losing any of them. Have a laundry bag that keeps them together before you wash them so you don’t have to go hunting for or buying them from time to time.

6. Shop online!

Going out to buy kids wear can be a task for you with a little one in tow. It can be very tiring. Hence, shop online for your needs: from diapers, clothes and more, pretty much everything is available online at affordable prices.

7. Use a soap dispenser as a baby wash dispenser for no hassle.

You know how it is when you want everything that goes to your baby to be spotless and with no harmful chemicals at all. While giving a bath to your young one, it can get difficult in handling the baby using covered in soap. What you can do is  transfer the baby wash into a soap dispenser so that you can press the soap right into the palm of your hands to give a them a proper bath.

Do you have any hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Echo Grid via Unsplash