Looking for a super quick dinner or something fun and different for the lunchbox that doesn’t take too much time to prepare? Here is one of our favorite kid approved “chicken on the bone” recipes around.


12 salteen or butter crackers
1/2 tsp. paprika
1/2 tsp. seasoned salt
1 lb. (6) organic chicken drumsticks
2 eggs, whipped


Begin by making the coating by crushing crackers into fine or chunky pieces. (A great job for the kids!) Mix crumbs, paprika, seasoned salt together and place in a shallow pan or baking dish.. Rinse drumsticks then dip into eggs then roll in cracker crumbs, coating all sides well.

Place drumsticks on microwave safe dish with meaty sides up. and cover with wax paper. Cook on high for 8-10 minutes until chicken is no longer pink. If neccessary, rotate dish 1/2 way through cooking. Let stand covered for 2 minutes before serving.

Yields 2-3 yummy servings.

PS – Want to score some extra points with the kiddos?  Substitute potato chips for crackers. Barbeque and cheddar cheese flavors add an extra kick!