When it comes to working out, quick, intense workouts (we’re talking 15 minutes) can be just as effective, if not more, than longer workouts done half the effort. In fact, researchers in a study from McMaster University in Canada found that exercise bursts as small as 20 seconds can provide serious heart health benefits. We found 10 easy fitness ideas that’ll pack most of the punch of a standard workout—in half the time! Find the one that fits your routine below.

The 15-Minute HIIT Metabolism Booster

This quick 15-minute workout uses your body weight to boost your muscles and your metabolism—no gym equipment required! 

Where to Find It: Fitness Blender

The Tabata Cardio Workout Plan

This fat-blasting workout plan is as effective as most longer workout sessions and combines two proven fat-loss techniques— metabolic strength and Tabata training. You'll work every muscle in your body (especially your abs!) in a fraction of the time!

Where to Find It: Shape

15-Minute Bounce-Back Dance Cardio Workout

This high energy step-by-step dance routine will make you forget you're actually working out! 

Where to Find It: YouTube

15-Minute Jump Rope Workout

This jump rope routine only has five moves, but is sure to get your heart racing!

Where to Find It: Real Simple

The No Equipment Necessary Plan

Take it back to basics with this 15-minute beginner workout— with no equipment necessary!

Where to Find It: YouTube

Ab-Toning Yoga

Crunches aren't the only way to get toned and tight abs! This 15-minute workout video takes you through planks, twists, and more to feel the burn.

Where to Find It: Fitness Magazine

Sculpting Kettle Bell Workout

Just two kettlebells and 15 minutes are all you need to get in this body-sculpting workout. 

Where to Find It: Women's Health

The 15-Minute Runner Workout

This quick runner workout focuses on tightening and toning your body with moves like jump squats and mountain climbers. 

Where to Find It: Women's Health

Low Impact Cardio Workout

This low impact cardio workout is a great way to exercise your whole body without worrying about any injuries!

Where to Find It: YouTube

At-Home Barre Workout

Can't make it out to a barre class? This 15-minute routine you can do right from your own living room!

Where to Find It: Greatist

Bonus Fitness Hacks

Need a few more fitness hacks to work into your routine? Try these, from lifting your baby to sprinting the stairs!

Where to Find Them: Red Tricycle

—Kaitlyn Kirby



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