It’s hard enough to find a low-calorie snack that kiddos actually enjoy and with the shocking discovery of popcorn lung (a respiratory condition caused by the chemicals in some microwave popcorns) you may be ready to stop popping – but think again. Healthy, chemical-free snacking is still possible thanks to Quinn Popcorn’s innovations. Quinn microwave popcorn has reinvented the snack so you can still pop away without the harmful side effects of diacetyl and PFOAs. They’ve taken all the impurities out of the bag, leaving nothing but paper – it’s even compostable. So instead of a chemical facial, you and your kiddos get a healthy, wholesome, and yummy popcorn to keep movie night alive and well.
As a big bonus, the ingredients are all natural, GMO-free, without hydrogenated oils or preservatives. Could it get any better? Yes. The oils in Quinn popcorn are expeller pressed and high in omega-3s – it’s music to your ears. Quinn has also changed the way popcorn is seasoned to make it healthier and tastier than your average popcorn. Unlike other microwave popcorn brands, Quinn keeps the kernels and seasonings separate. Adding the oil and spices after the kernels are popped allows them to use natural ingredients in their flavors like Parmesan & Rosemary,  Vermont Maple & Sea Salt, and Lemon & Sea Salt – yum! Give your kiddos a snack you can feel good about. At Quinn’s website you can find a store near you that carries their products or order online – check it out!

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— Katie Garcia