An electric toothbrush can be a great tool to maintaining healthy teeth, but not if your brush is too old. Toothbrush maker quip disrupted the industry by introducing a new subscription service and now quip’s new electric toothbrush for kids is doing the same for those pint-sized pearly whites.

So what’s quip all about? It’s subscription service that provides customers with new brush heads and toothpaste for their electric toothbrushes on a regular basis—because as experts will tell you, you’re meant to swap out that brush every three months to make sure you’re getting your teeth clean.

With quip’s newest product offering for kids, this is the first American Dental Association-accepted kids electric toothbrush with a refill plan. While similar to the adult model, quip for kids has a smaller brush head, an added non-slip plastic grip and more color options from which to choose.

“We spent a year working with Kids and Pediatric dentists to work out what would make up the ideal kids brush. The dentists’ most common request was to create a brush that replicated the fundamental habit and attitude changing effect our adult brushes have had: encouraging and guiding an effective two minute, twice daily brushing routine,” said Simon Enever, CEO and Co-Founder of quip. “The most impactful finding during research was that kids would beam with pride when they were given a ‘grown-up’ electric brush, and parents were relieved to see this lasting excitement, rather than the short lived buzz a typical flashy kids brush usually had.”

You can get started with quip for kids for $25 for a brush head starter set with a flavored toothpaste subscription ($10 every three months) or $30 with a starter set and brush head subscription ($5 every three months). You can order your set here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of quip



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