Rad Power Bikes

The RadWagon electric cargo bike handles just like a standard sized bike yet can handle big cargo loads, hauls from the grocery store, and your most valuable cargo! With the RadWagon, families are able to spend more quality time together compared to taking the same trip in a car, and your kids will have more fun too. Enjoy the scenic route to the park, stop for a sweet treat, and talk about the things you see along your journey.

The RadWagon is designed to adapt and adjust to keep up with your growing family. Start your kids off in the safe and secure Thule Yepp Maxi child seats and move them up to using the Caboose and then the Deckhand as they get bigger. With our expansive lineup of accessories, you can outfit your RadWagon to meet your family’s exact needs. With a 350 lbs payload capacity and enough cargo room for two children, it’s easy for the whole family to experience a beautiful afternoon bike ride. Ride Together.


-from Ty Collins, Rad Power Bikes
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