The school year started with a bang for your crew. New teachers, new friends, and a landslide of new learning they can’t wait to share with you. But alongside these classroom adventures, your little scholar’s bound to bring home a few new germs too. Welcome to the cold and flu season, parents. It’s here to stay. Ramp up your winter wellness routine with a Crane Humidifier. Read on to learn how it can fortify your family’s defenses.

Let’s De-Mist-ify the Benefits

Those first few sniffles. Those tired eyes. Even before your Little goes into full blown cold mode, parents know it’s coming. Seize that calm-before-the-storm moment to help your sidekick feel better sooner. The added cool mist from a Crane humidifier means relief from typical cold and flu symptoms like runny nose, congestion, sore throat and dry cough. And that means better rest and recovery, rather than being bogged down by the icks. Parents will love the Clean Control Antimicrobial material in the base that means 99.96% of bacteria and mold won’t take up residence at your place. All with a whisper quiet presence. If only you could ask the same of your kids!


Newborns can get in on the cool too. Since they breathe out of their nose for the first four to six months, more moisture means easier breathing for them. Plus, lucky parents might notice a change in baby’s eating (hint: it’s less frustrating) or in her sleep habits (more really is better), which means you get more (much-needed) sleep too!


It Doubles as Super Cute Décor

Crane’s Adorable humidifiers are named so for a reason. Choose from one of 23 different characters, each with total kid appeal. A bright yellow ducky adds a touch of sunshine to baby’s nursery, while an old-timey choo-choo helps your little conductor chug on all season long. Or how about a cute blue monster to guard against other monsters under the bed? Each one of these cuddly companions runs quietly for up to 24 hours and turns off when the water reservoir is empty. Easy peasy!


This Tech is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Having a sick kiddo is never easy. But when it comes to waking her once she’s finally nodded off… well, let’s just say it’s not gonna happen. So when tech comes along that keeps them sleeping and helps them feel better too, you do a silent dance of joy.

With a simple finger swipe on your smartphone, parents can control Crane’s SmartDROP Cool Mist Humidifier from anywhere the WiFi waves will let you. The downloadable free app (on Apple) or Google Play) is all you need to change the humidity level, mist output and even set a timer, all without setting foot in your sleeping beauty’s room. Shhh…


The Dish on a Deal

Hit the web to find the perfect Crane Humidifier match for your fam this fall. Whether you’re looking for an adorable option to jazz up your kidlet’s room, or want the sleek line of a Drop humidifier you can keep anywhere your family needs a little extra moisture, the Crane website is the fastest way to get yours. Don’t forget to use the promo code HEALTHY16 (contiguous 48-ers only, please) to save $10 on a one-gallon Drop or Adorable Humidifier (expires Dec. 31, 2016). The toughest part of this deal? Deciding which one to choose!

What’s your family’s winter wellness routine? Tell us about it in a Comment.

— Allison Sutcliffe

all photos courtesy of Crane Humidifer