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Party-pooper Introduction Alert: Our world has collectively struggled through 2020, causing mental health issues to rise dramatically. According to the CDC, nearly 40% of adults surveyed in the US reported mental health concerns related to COVID-19. Schools and businesses face unprecedented challenges, which presents parents and caregivers with new challenges of their own. Our country is sharply divided by politics and personal beliefs to the point that friends and family turn their backs on each other. Despite the struggles and divide we face, we can surely agree on one thing: We need to breathe happiness and positivity back into our lives.

In a time where social distancing brings traditional celebrations to a screeching halt, what can we do? How do we build excitement into our mundane COVID-19 routines when there’s not much excitement to be had? Well, we can find new (and sometimes silly) reasons to celebrate.

Unofficial Observances by Month

From National Toilet Tank Repair Month to National Spray Your Produce Day (yes, they both exist!) I’ve compiled a list of exciting days that may, or may not, be worth celebrating. So dust off your party decorations, pull up Pinterest menu ideas and start planning some unconventional fun with your family.


  • National Dress Up Your Pet Day: January 14th
  • National Popcorn Day: January 19th
  • National No Name-Calling Week: January 20th-24th
  • National Mocktail Week: 3rd week of January


  • National Ice-cream for Breakfast Day: 1st Saturday of February
  • National Chopsticks Day: February 6th
  • National Jell-O Week: 2nd week in February
  • National Random Acts of Kindness Week: Week of February 17th


  • National Plant a Flower Day: March 12th
  • National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day: March 13th
  • National Let’s Laugh Day: March 19th
  • National Goof Off Day: March 22nd


  • National Walk Around Things Day: April 4th
  • National Read a Roadmap Day: April 5th
  • National Zoo Lovers Day: April 8th
  • National Talk Like Shakespeare Day: April 23rd


  • National Screen-Free Week: 1st full week of May
  • National Lemonade Day: May 1st
  • National Two Different Colored Shoes Day: May 3rd
  • National Eat what you Want Day: May 11th
  • National Dance Like a Chicken Day: May 14th
  • National Do Something Good for your Neighbor Day: May 16th


  • National Gardening Week: 1st full week of June
  • National Go Barefoot Day: June 1st
  • National Say Something Nice Day: June 1st
  • National Yo-Yo Day: June 6th
  • National Play Catch Week: 3rd full week of June
  • National Go Fishing Day: June 18th


  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Tape Measure Day: July 14th
  • National Give Something Away Day: July 15th


  • National Exercise With Your Child Week: 1st week of August
  • National Coloring Book Day: August 2nd
  • National Water Balloon Day: August 7th
  • National Bowtie Day: August 28th
  • National Beach Day: August 30th


  • National Teddy Bear Day: September 9th
  • National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day: September 13th
  • National Talk Like a Pirate Day: September 19th
  • National Comic Book Day: September 25th
  • National Family Day: Fourth Monday of September
  • National Ghost Hunting Day: Last Saturday of September


  • National World Space Week: October 4th-10th
  • National Cake Decorating Day: October 10th
  • National Sports Day: October 16th
  • National Reptile Awareness Day: October 21st
  • National Chocolate Day: October 28th


  • National Candy Day: November 4th
  • World Kindness Day: November 13th
  • National Family Pajama Day: November 14th
  • National Play Monopoly Day: November 19th
  • National Game and Puzzle Week: Week of Thanksgiving


  • National Cookie-Cutter Week: First week of December
  • International Ninja Day: December 5th
  • National Pretend to be a Time-traveler Day: December 8th
  • National Monkey Day: December 14th
  • National Flashlight Day: December 21st
  • National Card Playing Day: December 28th


There you have it — twelve months of light-hearted, positive, and goofy things for you to look forward to with your family. Whether you want to celebrate with ice cream every day for a month or spend a day walking around barefoot, this list has something playful to bring out the kid in everyone. Party On!

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