What are the best foods to feed your baby? If you’re not sure which products meet your kiddo’s needs, provide top nutritional benefits or the right USDA-Certified organic options, RAVE Reviews has answers.

RAVE Reviews recently compiled a list of the healthiest baby foods, with categories such as the Best USDA-Certified Organic Baby Foods and the Best Stage 3 Baby Foods.

Chosen with criteria such as veggie content, the presence of artificial colors/sweeteners, fat content, protein content, non-GMO or not, levels of pesticides, heavy metals, certified organic (or not) and the presence of dangerous contaminants, RAVE Reviews picked these winners:

Serenity Kids Baby Food (Austin, Texas)
Beech-Nut Organic Baby Food, Stage 2 (Amsterdam, New York)
Once Upon A Farm Organic Stage 3 (Berkeley, California)
Ella’s Organic Kitchen (Union County, New Jersey)
Amara Organic Baby Food (San Francisco, California)
Fresh Bellies Vegan Baby Food (White Plains, New York)
Happy Tot Organic (New York City, New York)
Sprout Organic (Montvale, New Jersey)
First Choice Organic Baby Food
Gerber’s Purees 2nd Veggie and Fruit (Florham Park, New Jersey)

Eleri Miller, Marketing Coordinator for RAVE Reviews, said in a press release, “Deciding what to feed your children is so important, but it can also be so complicated.” Miller went on to add, “This ranking is designed to cut through the overblown marketing claims and questionable science so that parents can easily figure out what baby food they should be buying.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photos: Tanaphong Toochinda via Unsplash 



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