Ready, Set, Food!

Ready, Set, Food! protects babies from developing common food allergies. 1 out of 13 children today have a food allergy, and rates of allergies to foods like peanut, egg, and dairy are dramatically rising. Informed by groundbreaking clinical studies, medical guidelines from the AAP, NIH, and FDA have been updated as recently as 2019, and all now recommend introducing common food allergens directly to babies as early as four months old.

Ready, Set, Food! takes all the guesswork and concerns out of peanut, egg, and dairy introduction. With just three organic, non-GMO ingredients (no sugars, preservatives, or additives!) in our transparent, guided system, we want to make early and sustained allergen introduction safe and easy, even for the pickiest of little eaters.

Simply add a delicious, pre-measured packet once a day to breast milk or formula in a baby’s bottle or mix it right in with purees or solid foods. Because it’s not enough to just introduce allergens once or a few times, it’s incredibly important for parents to use our system for around 6 months, or until the baby is consistently eating peanut, egg, and dairy on their own around 3x / week.


Ready, Set, Food!
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