When it comes to family vacay time, your motto is go big or go home. Make your next trip a true blockbuster when you take your mini movie buffs to one of these recognizable silver screen destinations. From Tiana’s New Orleans to Elsa’s ice palace getaway, we’ve got 15 scene-stealing spots to visit on your next take.

Finding Dory – Monterey, Ca

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is as close as you can get to the fictional Marine Life Institute Dory explores on her family-finding quest in this film. And rumor has it, Pixar artists spent plenty of time here to get it right. The ocean-side outdoor pools, the faded touch tanks and the lush kelp forest will seem oddly familiar if you visit this real-life aquarium after seeing the virtual one on the big screen. Plus, the family-friendly activities make it an awesome place to explore, no matter what your motivation.

photo: Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Facebook

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— Allison SutcliffeK