Our new series, Tiny Birth Stories, is aimed at sharing real-life stories from our readers to our readers. In just 100 words or less, we’re bringing you the raw, the funny and the heartwarming stories you’ve lived while bringing babies into the world. Here are five stories that will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head in solidarity. 

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Do I Have Time To Run To Lowe’s? by Jessy P.  

When I told my husband he asked “do I have time to run to Lowe’s” so off to Lowe’s he went. We headed to the hospital when he returned. I was at 4-cm by then and not in much pain. Once we were admitted to our room we settled in and so did the pain! I was determined to have my baby naturally and I lasted without meds until 9 p.m. The doctor suggested I get an epidural so I could relax, I wasn’t dilating fast enough. While I was getting the epidural my husband informed me he had never seen a needle that big go into someone’s back! By the next day I still had only reached 8 centimeters and the babies heart rate was rising. My only option was the have a C section which broke my heart. Once I wrapped my head around this we got the go ahead and off we went to the operating room. My baby girl was born at 3:59 on May 6th. My husband told me it looked like a scene from Saw 3. He said “ I saw the doctor holding your guts “ We both cried and he got to hold her first! It was the most intense and beautiful day of my life!

The One That Broke the Baby’s Arm- by Laura J.

My water broke exactly on time. We drove to the hospital prepared with a bag. But it took a turn. I pushed for too long. The c-section was scheduled, then called off when the baby started to progress. But progressing stopped. The vacuum extractor failed and, POP, blood squirted on my doctors’ glasses. “Help!” she called and suddenly more doctors appeared. One climbed on me, pumping on my stomach. Then the words: “I’m sorry. I had to break the baby’s arm to get her out.” Both heartbreak and relief. A little TLC, but she’d arrived! And now she’s turning four!

Giving Birth at 24 Weeks- by Chrissy R. 

My First Child, My Birth Story: The reality of pre-term labor hit me at just 24 weeks. My body started labor on its own and after an emergency C-Section, my son was born at just 1lb 10oz and became a NICU resident for 108 days. Feeling helpless for my baby while managing my own struggle of my pregnancy immediately taken from me, my life seemed shattered. As days turned into months and ounces turned into pounds…I learned true resilience and witnessed a true fight for life. A fight that is not taught, but instilled in you, in all of us.

You Can’t Plan for Everything- by Lynsey M. 

Child birth and recovery, piece of cake! Or is it? One would think after going through the process four times before, the fifth would be a breeze. I had experienced everything from a 20 minute labor to a 20 hour process. I had epidurals, no epidurals, NICU babies, infant open heart surgery, CPAP, intubation, bottle and breast-fed. But nothing can prepare you for an epidural headache. Why? Because that is solely on yourself. You spend months planning and preparing for a baby and if something goes wrong you kick into high mom mode and join the adrenaline race. But when those doctors walk in and ask if you have a headache, I strongly encourage you to be honest. Otherwise, may experience having your father or husband carry you from your bed and into the hospital. You may look back and have friends call you “Hollywood” because blood patches did not work and you had to spend 10 days laying flat on your back in the hospital with sunglasses on because any amount of light or sound sent excruciating pain. Word of advice: every birth and recovery is unique, don’t let any amount of experience fool you. They are all different. Make sure you take care of you because you are of little use to those precious blessings if you don’t!

From the Car to Birth in 45 minutes- by Shannen L.

“Don’t go to the hospital too soon!” “Average first time labor is 14 hours!” As a first time mom, I was convinced of these two things when I felt the first twinge of labour starting about five days before my due date. Luckily, I had a doula who recognized the unusual start to my contractions (which were two minutes apart from the get-go) and had us leave for the hospital within the hour. Seriously so happy we lived close by because I was fully dilated when we arrived and baby came out 45 minutes later!