There are two main reasons why moms get nothing done. As moms, we have a lot of responsibilities and it’s overwhelming. So, some stuff just isn’t going to get finished. But, when being overwhelmed is a way of life, here are a few reasons why we never seem to get anything done.

And, the first is multitasking.

Listen, I am ALL about convenience and multitasking.

Making dinner, while listening to a podcast, while eating lunch, while braiding someone’s hair is LIFE.

But, here’s the problem: multitasking isn’t actually a thing. When we multitask, we try to do everything but manage to do nothing WELL. That’s why dinner ends up burnt, I miss half the podcast, I practically choke on my lunch, and my daughter isn’t happy with her hair. Then, I have to redo everything, I get frustrated, and waste more time “fixing” everything. Let’s not simply do what is convenient.

Les Brown says: “Do what’s easy and your life will be hard. Do what’s hard and life will be easy.”

And, because I might actually be one of THE most straightforward people that you ever meet, I need like actual, practical tips.

So first, chill with the multitasking.

Of course, we are gonna be doing a bunch of things at the same time, but let’s just try to do less at the same time.

Next: Do the hard stuff FIRST.

Many times we are keeping busy doing a bunch of different things only because we are avoiding the stuff that we really don’t feel like doing. Get that stuff out of the way. Otherwise, it’s gonna be weighing on you all day. Or, all week, month, or even year.

And eventually, you are gonna come up with an excuse why you shouldn’t do it, but you are still gonna have that underlying guilty feeling that you should have done it.

If you just get it the heck OVER-with first thing, then you are gonna feel like a rock star ready to conquer the world.

The second reason we get nothing done is because we are worn out.

We hardly take enough time for ourselves. We feel that it doesn’t matter, it isn’t productive, or we just feel bad.

Or worse, when we do decide to take some time for ourselves someone else lays on the guilt.

What do you do when you FINALLY decide to go get your hair done, or take a nap, or have a girls night, but then your mom, your husband, your mailman says, “Oh, must be niiiiiiiiiiiiice!”???

You have two choices.

OPTION 1: Stay the same, forfeit taking time for yourself, and try and please those other people, knowing that these people in your life will judge your actions no matter what you do.

OPTION 2: OR, you do what’s best for YOU, take the time for yourself that you need anyway, knowing that these people will judge your actions no matter what you do.

At least when you pick option two, it was your decision, not theirs.

So here’s all you need to know:

Chill out with the multitasking. Do the hard, inconvenient stuff FIRST. Take time for yourself to refresh, despite any guilt from yourself or others.

And finally, if the dishes pile up, the laundry doesn’t get put away, or the crumbs stay on the floor it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Featured Photo Courtesy: pixabay