I need two kisses.

I need Pooh Bear. 

Pooh Bear needs Piglet. 

I have to see Mama.

The door is closed.

The door is open. 

I need the white light. 

I need the pink light. 

I need the blue light. 

I need the orange light. 

I unplugged the lights.

I went pee.

I have to roll into my room. 

I don’t have to roll.

I have to go backwards. 

I have to see Daddy. 

I have to go downstairs. 

I want this.

I want that.

I want something else.  

I want another song. 

No no no I don’t want that song. 

I need my snake. 

My snake is stuck in the door.

I can’t close my door.

There are too many animals in my bed.

I need to bounce to my bed. 

bounce. bounce. bounce.

My eyes are not closed. 

I have to have a snack.

I took the night lights out.

I can’t get the night lights back in. 

bounce. bounce. bounce. bounce. bounce.

I have to sing the ABCs three times.

I want more milk. 

I’m still drinking my milk. 

I pooped. 

I can’t find my book.

It’s dark outside.  

I’m still drinking my milk. 

bounce bounce bounce bounce.

I did everything I can do in my room. 

I am happy. 

Mama is happy. 

I want to play with engines tomorrow.


and balls.


and blocks.

That’s everything.

This door is open again.

I need to close this door.

Mama is not happy.



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